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Sunday, 14 June 2015

State Bank mCASH - Send Money Service

Please Note that while making payment through State Bank mCASH service, as of now there is no proof of the transaction. The transaction details is visible only when the amount is claimed by the beneficiary. Once the payment is claimed, the transaction details appears in both the parties bank statement.

How To 

1. Log in the official website of State Bank of India (SBI)
2. Click "Payments/Transfers"
3. Click "State Bank mCASH - Send Money"
4. In "Beneficiary Send Money Option", click '"Email".
5. In "Beneficiary E-Mail Id", enter the person's email ID.
6. Enter the "Amount".
7. Give "Remark"
8. Check "I hereby agree and accept the Terms and Conditions for usage of State Bank mCASH."
9. Click "Submit"
10. Verify details and confirm this transaction.
11. Check in your registered mobile, an OTP has been sent.
The SMS message would be like this:
OTP for creating State Bank mCASH of Rs. xxxx is xxxxxxxxxx. Please don't share it.
12. Enter high security transaction password received in your Mobile Phone.
Enter High Security Password *
13. You will get a message like this:
State Bank mCASH - Send Money Registration for Rs.xxxx  has been completed successfully. 
For creating each State Bank mCASH request, a service charge of Rs 2.5/ will be recovered separately from your account.